The TBO Experience

The TBO Experience

One of the best reasons to come visit Three Belles Outfitters is the fact that we offer on-the-water demos and test drives. But beyond that we have an incredible amount to offer when someone comes to visit us in Niantic… a little something we call “The TBO Experience.”

Here at Three Belles Outfitters, being a great kayak dealer isn’t just about the size of our inventory. Many of our repeat customers come to us because of our first-hand-experience, in-depth knowledge, and diversity in the kayaking and kayak fishing community. Whether you’re picking out your very first kayak or looking to outfit and setup your dream fishing kayak; TBO has you covered. Our staff isn’t just some teenage store employee working for gas money; we maintain a highly trained staff of kayak owners and kayak fishermen. So when you ask one of our staff a question, we know the answer from personal experience.

  • Picking out a kayak – the Three Belles Outfitters staff knows these kayaks up and down, inside and out. Each and every model has it’s pros and cons, our staff will help you pick out the kayak that is perfect for you. We’ll want to know how you’ll be transporting your new kayak, how big (or small) of a person you are, what kind of kayaking you want to do, and what your budget is. The more we know about you, the better we can pick out the best kayak for you.
  • Outfitting & Rigging your kayak – we stock a large and always growing selection of kayaks and kayak fishing accessories from a number of different manufacturers. Our selection is hand-picked by our staff so that we can offer you the best products we can find. Whether you just need a rod holder or a leash for your phone case, we’ve got it. Need to fully deck out that kayak for fishing tournaments with rod holders, livewell, fishfinder/sonar, tackle management, and more?! Yes, TBO has all that too!
  • Custom Rigging Services – let our expert staff take the work out of rigging your new kayak. Why spend unnecessary time drilling holes and running wires when we can do the work for you? We can have your kayak all decked-out and ready for the water when you come to pick it up! We’re happy to install accessories to your specifications, including lights, gear tracks, rod holders, sonar units, and more.
  • Repairing your kayak – the kayaks we sell are some of the best designed and highest quality on the market today. But inevitably, repairs and maintenance will be needed at some point. We stock a full-line of parts and components to upgrade, repair, and maintain your Hobie and Bonafide kayaks. We can also do the repairs for you right here at TBO –  from Mirage Drive cables and bearings, to rudder and steering lines, TBO has got you covered.
  • Demo’s and Test Drives – yes, we absolutely offer free demo’s! Obviously winter time in New England isn’t much of a time to test-drive a kayak, but if the weather is tolerable and the water is warm-enough to be safe, we’ll get you on the water. Weather permitting, every day is demo day at TBO! You wouldn’t buy a brand new car without a test drive would you? So come to TBO and take our kayaks for a spin around the cove, experience the quality and comfort of these kayaks for yourself.
  • Fishing Kayaks – if you’re picking out a new kayak specifically for fishing, TBO can REALLY help steer you in the right direction. Our staff and our TBO Fishing Team kayak fish all around Connecticut, New England, and beyond. Knowing the type of fishing you’ll want to do in your new kayak will help us pick out a kayak – again, we want to pick out the kayak that’s best for you!
  • Take your pick – we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that we have an ENORMOUS inventory of kayaks. At any given time, we do our very best to stock every model and every color from the Hobie and Bonafide product lines. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll go get it from our warehouse. If you want it, we probably have it, so point being… take your pick!
  • Paddleboards and Pedalboards – the vast majority of our customers come to TBO looking for their next kayak purchase, but we’ve got other ways to get you on the water too! We stock a selection of Hobie Paddleboards (Hobie SUP’s) and Hobie Eclipse Pedalboards. (Yes, I said Pedalboards). Imagine a stand-up paddleboard that is propelled with Hobie’s legendary Mirage Drive and you’ve got yourself a Hobie Eclipse. You have to see it, or better yet test drive it, to really appreciate how awesome the Eclipse Pedalboard is!
  • Tackle and Accessories – beyond just kayaks and kayaking accessories, we also stock a hand-picked selection of kayak fishing related products such as wooden lures, soft plastic lures, rods, reels, phone cases, and more! We’re definitely not a full-blown tackle shop, but our hand-picked selection of quality (and often locally-made) gear will get you started in the right direction.
  • Apparel and Gear – At any given time, TBO also stocks a variety of drysuits, dry pants, dry tops, hats, shirts, sunglasses, and more. We can’t possibly stock every size and every color, but we stock a variety to get you started in the right direction. If you’d like a different size or color than what we have in-stock, we’re happy to order it for you!
  • Rentals and Activities – sometimes all the research and advice in the world still isn’t quite enough to decide for sure, so we’ve got more options! If you’re not quite ready to make that purchase, but an on-the-water demo wasn’t enough time to decide, TBO offers a variety of rental options to choose from. Hourly, Daily, and even Weekly rental options will give you plenty of time to truly get a feel for how awesome these Bonafide and Hobie kayaks are. We also offer guided fishing outings, river tours, corporate team building packages, and more!

If there’s something else you need that you don’t see described here, just ask! We’re always looking to improve and expand our repertoire, so please don’t be shy. Our goal is to be the absolute best kayak and paddleboard dealer we can be, and we’ll help in any way we can!

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