TBO Trifecta Challenge

TBO Trifecta Challenge

Welcome to the 2019 TBO Trifecta Challenge Kayak Fishing Tournament

***Registration is not yet open for the 2019 Trifecta!***

Registration has NOT sold out, we have not yet opened registration. We’re still finalizing some of the details, but rest assured we are working hard to make this the best and biggest TBO Trifecta yet!

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This year’s 4th Annual Trifecta Challenge will take place Friday, July 12th thru Sunday July 14th (see below for timeline details in the rules)

Connecticut’s Premier Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tournament. Largest combined-length Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Fluke, wins a brand new 2019 Hobie Mirage Drive Kayak. Over $10,000 in prizes will be awarded. Open to all Connecticut Waters. Catch-Photo-Release. $50 registration fee includes a Shirt, Captain’s Bag, and Awards Banquet Admission.

Interested in donating prizes and sponsoring the TBO Trifecta Challenge? Email TBO Team Co-Captain Elliot for a sponsorship form


Timeline & Schedule of Events
Friday July 12th, 2019
-5:00 PM Captain’s Meeting – Samuel M. Peretz Park (aka Bride Brook Park)
-Fishing Commences at the Conclusion of the Captain’s Meeting
-Online Submissions Begin

Saturday July 13th, 2019:
-Nonstop Tournament Fishing

Sunday July 14th, 2019:
-10:00 AM In-Person Photo/Video Submissions Begin – Samuel M. Peretz Park (aka Bride Brook Park)
-12:00 PM Photo/Video Submissions Close
-1:00 PM Awards Banquet and Charity Raffle- Samuel M. Peretz Park (aka Bride Brook Park)

Samuel M. Peretz Park (aka Bride Brook Park) will serve as a one-stop “home base” for the 2019 TBO Trifecta Challenge. We’ll have a large event canopy/tent set up for the whole weekend, and someone from the TBO Fishing Team should be on-site the entire weekend for questions or concerns. This park is almost directly across the street from Rocky Neck State Park and a great central location for us. Samuel M. Peretz Park is owned by the town of East Lyme and there will be no camping on-site and no alcohol.

2019 TBO Trifecta Challenge – Rules/Format:

TBO Trifecta Challenge is a KAYAK fishing competition. There will be no assistance from boats in any way, other than safety concerns. There will be no mother-shipping, no sharing/buying of bait from a boat, towing to spots, etc. Stand-up paddle boards will be allowed, as will kayaks with electric motors, but there will not be any separate prizes/divisions for those anglers. Electric motors are unquestionably allowed for any disabled or physically handicapped individuals. To keep competition even and fair at all times, we discourage the use of electric motors for other anglers. Absolutely no combustion/outboard engines will be allowed on kayaks during the Trifecta.

TBO Trifecta Challenge is open to all anglers 18yrs or older. Minors may participate if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

All anglers are required to have either a Connecticut saltwater fishing license, CT All-waters fishing license, or a saltwater fishing license from a reciprocal state. Licenses are available to purchase online here. It is the angler’s responsibility to ensure they are fishing legally during the TBO Trifecta, and the Committee is in no way responsible for any tickets, fines, or other infractions that may occur for improper licensing.

TBO Trifecta fishing is open to all Connecticut waters and only Connecticut waters. (Due to state permit issues, fishing in neighboring states is not allowed). For the purposes of the TBO Trifecta Challenge, all tidal/salt/brackish waters are open to fishing. However, travelling “upstream” into tidal rivers may technically be considered freshwater/inland waterway by the CT DEEP. For example, if an angler wants to travel north all the way to Enfield to fish in the Connecticut River, the TBO Trifecta has no objections. BUT, the CT DEEP would require more than just a Marine Fishing License. It is the responsibility of the angler to know the legal restrictions of their fishing license.

TBO Trifecta Challenge encourages Catch-Photo-Release. Legally, fish may be kept according to CT DEEP Regulations, but TBO strongly encourages quick and safe release of fish, SPECIFICALLY AND ESPECIALLY striped bass. Striped Bass that are harvested/kept by an angler will not be accepted for Trifecta submissions. Anglers should make every possible effort to ensure that striped bass are landed safely & quickly, handled carefully, and released healthy. In the event that a striped bass does not revive for a proper release, the Trifecta Committee asks that the fish not be submitted as a catch and release fish.

Fluke and Bluefish and other species may be kept (in accordance with CT DEEP regulations) but catch-photo-release is still encouraged. Video submissions may be accepted in place of photographs, but are discouraged (Videos are very difficult to accurately verify). All digital evidence of fish caught are subject to review by tournament committee. Photographic evidence is always a challenge, but we will discuss suggestions, requirements, and advice at the Captain’s Meeting.

*** Submission guidelines & instructions will be further discussed at the Captain’s Meeting

Photos of fish submitted must be sent to tournament committee as soon as possible following the catch. If an angler is for some reason unable to immediately send digital photos via email, the angler should at a minimum contact the tournament committee stating the type of fish, approximate size, and time caught. By submitting an entry in the Tournament, the Tournament Committee is granted the right to use any and all photos and/or information for publicity purposes.

All fish must be caught with rod and reel, following all CT DEEP legal methods – from a kayak. Fish must be hooked, fought, and landed from a kayak. Beaching of kayak in order to take proper photos is allowed, but the fish must first be fought and landed before beaching kayak. From the moment a fish strikes or takes a bait or lure, the individual angler must hook, fight, and land/ boat the fish without the aid of any other person – except that another person may grasp the leader and net the fish. NO SNAGGING, GAFFING, SEINING, “YO-YOING,” OR SPEARING OF A FISH IS ALLOWED IN THIS TOURNAMENT. Striped bass, fluke, and bluefish taken while engaged in commercial fishing are not allowed to be entered into the Trifecta.

In the event of any ties (if two anglers submit fish that appear to be the same size) the TIME they are submitted will be the tie breaker. For example, if two anglers are tied for the size of their Striped Bass that appear to be 46″, the angler that submitted his/her fish FIRST will win the tie breaker. Further, if two anglers are tied for their cumulative Trifecta TOTAL, the angler with the larger Striped Bass will win the tie.

Tournament Committee reserves the right to disqualify submitted fish if photo/video evidence does not clearly show the entire fish, the tournament identifier, and the measuring tape.

*** All registered anglers are REQUIRED to wear a PFD and observe Coast Guard and Connecticut Boating laws. The use of VHF radios, whistles, safety flags/lights, and the buddy system is STRONGLY recommended. Regardless of the Connecticut laws, all anglers are required to wear life jackets during the TBO Trifecta. If any angler submits a photo and is obviously not wearing a PFD, the Committee reserves the right to disqualify the angler.

Captain’s Meeting will be held prior to the start of the Trifecta, on Friday, July 12th @ 5pm. Fishing is open following the conclusion of the Captain’s Meeting. Awards Ceremony held after completion of tournament fishing. Captain’s Meeting and Awards Ceremony will both be held at Samuel M. Peretz Park (aka Bride Brook Park)

All registered anglers will be required to fill out & sign a participation & liability waiver prior to competing. Angler’s who fail to sign and return waiver will be disqualified. Waivers will be handed out for review and signing at Captain’s Meeting.

Tournament Identifiers will be randomly assigned and handed out with Captain’s Bags at the Captain’s Meeting. If you are unable to attend the Captain’s Meeting at the designated time, you must make arrangements to pick up your Captain’s Bag from TBO before you’ll be able to submit any fish. Captain’s Bags and Tournament Identifiers WILL NOT be handed out FOR ANY REASON before the Captain’s Meeting.

Awards – four “podium” spots will be awarded.
Grand Prize Winner (angler with the greatest total combined length of their largest individual Striped Bass + Bluefish + Fluke) and Three Silver Awards (awarded to the three anglers with the largest fish of each of the Trifecta fish species: Largest Striped Bass, Largest Bluefish, & Largest Fluke)

*** In the event that no angler successfully submits an eligible Three-Species-Trifecta, the Grand Prize award will then be raffled off to anglers at random.

For the purposes of the TBO Trifecta, any angler that qualifies for more than one of the top four awards, will only be awarded ONE of those prizes. In the event that an angler “wins” more than one of those awards, the Tournament Committee will privately request that the angler choose one or the other award to be accepted. The other award will then be given to the next runner-up.

A large number of other prizes will be awarded, and will be updated here as they are determined for certain. There will be prizes for “Largest Trash Fish”, “Largest Sea Robin”, and various other awards. Anglers are encouraged to take and submit photos of all fish species caught.

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